HDLP Series

HDLP Seriess

The HDLP range is a high density, lightweight signal connector specifically designed for applications where space and weight is at a premium for board to board interconnections. HDLP connectors offer environmental protection when mated through the use of an interfacial seal and contacts that are potted from the rear. Each contact is capable of carrying 1A and the socket utilizes the renowned Hypertac® Hyperboloid contact technology.

The HDLP range is aimed at areas where there are constraints on space and/or weight. Primary areas where these factors are critical are communications, monitoring systems and display interfaces. These factors are evident in a variety of market segments including aerospace, defense, mass transit and test and measurement. HDLP connectors can easily be integrated into current assembly procedures due it their “pick and place friendly” design enabling maximum efficiency obtained from existing automated process equipment. The interfacial seal prevents moisture ingress between the mating surfaces and the contacts are back potted to ensure signal integrity. The application of a conformal coating on the rear of the connector allows the connector to be used in the most demanding of applications.

The HDLP series of connectors is available in surface mount, plated through hole and 90° board mount. The connectors are simple in their design with 30, 58, 90 and 119 pin count versions. Stainless steel guide hardware can be used to ensure mating accuracy in blind mate of restricted access applications.

Based on Hypertronics’ proven Hypertac® Hyperboloid contact technology, the HDLP series is designed to reduce wear rates generated from shock, vibration and fretting which are common causes of system failures and downtime.

  • High density contact arrangement
  • Light weight
  • Low profile mated height
  • Surface mount termination technology
  • Miniature hyperboloid socket contacts
  • Interfacial seal
  • Polarized and scoop proof
  • Pick and place compatible

Applications for: HDLP Series
  • milMil/Areo
  • industrialIndustrial
  • test equipmentTest Equipment
  • marineMarine
  • dataDataTransfer
  • telecomTelecommunications

Download HDLP Series Catalog Pages (PDF 248 Kb)