D Series

D Series

Hypertronics D series connectors: Simple to use, foolproof, reliable. Whether it's a busy medical technician hooking up a patient monitor, an outpatient wearing a therapeutic device, the connector should be intuitive. The D series makes connections effortless by having a simple push-button latch, available color coding and a "D" shaped flange which makes "up" and "down" obvious.

There are three D series sizes to accommodate a wide variety of applications. The mini D00 incorporates 5 Ø0.3mm Hypertac contacts in a connector which is almost 30% smaller than the D01. The D01 plug has up to nine Hypertac contacts in less than 1/2" diameter, and the slightly larger D02 offers even more options, from three power to 25 signal contacts, or a mixture of power or coax and signal contacts.

Hypertronics can customize the D series for specific applications.
Three sizes: D01, D02, and the NEW D00 Mini

  • 3,4,5,7,9,12, & 25 contact positions
  • 1 to 8 amps per contact
  • ® recognized components File No. 102195
  • Each connector half accepts pins or sockets
  • High impact polycarbonate or ULTEM body
  • High temperature versions available (+125° C)
  • Quick disconnect push button release
  • Alignment provided by housing
  • Crimp andsolder cup contacts 
  • Recessed contact terminations (eliminates need for shrink tubing)
 D series

Applications for:D Series
  • Medical
  • Transit
  • data transferData Transfer
  • Test Equip

Download D Series Catalog Pages (PDF 1.2mb)

Download D Series Product Review Sheet (PDF 182 kb)

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